Founded in 1991 by Eric Carlson, Anthem is a real estate development company focused on investment, development and management of commercial and residential properties.

Our Approach

We begin with the end in mind, to Create Real Estate that Works – for our customers, homeowners, tenants and community partners. We get fulfillment and satisfaction when the experience and outcome is meaningful for all.


Placemaking at Anthem is a process that starts and ends with a strong Vision. It is inspired by the neighbourhoods and communities we build in, for the people who live, work, play and learn there. Great Space is the full integration of culture, community, service, utility, space, and design. We value the human experience – it’s what drives our endless pursuit.


Our real estate strategy is built on a foundation of diversification. We pursue multiple asset classes, in multiple markets, through multiple activities. We invest heavily in a rigorous process of due diligence, planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome.


We pursue our real estate strategy relentlessly. We approach every project with an uncompromising commitment to meet the Anthem standard in design, quality and operational efficiency. We embrace challenges, solve problems and simply deliver.


We execute in teams. We are an integrated matrix organization where conversations are candid, conflict is resolved quickly, and coaching is continuous. We are passionate and relentless in our pursuit to get the job done.

Our Values


We are obsessed with results.
We take a hit for the team.
We do what it takes to get things done.


We work from Yes.
We challenge the status quo.
We seek new ideas to solve problems.


We rigorously exchange views with mutual respect.
We resolve conflict quickly.
We have Fun.

Do What You Say

We lead by example.
We deliver on our commitments.
We don’t let our team down.

Say What You Mean

We are honest, open and direct.
We don’t walk on eggshells.
We say at the meeting what we would think after the meeting.


We thrive on reaching goals, on time and on budget.
We get it done.
We value productive achievement.