October 7, 2021

Calgary suburbs to welcome much-needed major grocery retailers

D’ARCY CROSSING coming to Okotoks

A new shopping centre is coming to Anthem
United’s community of D’ARCY in Okotoks and Safeway is the confirmed anchor

Along with Safeway, D’ARCY CROSSING will be home to both new and
familiar retailers, including Shoppers Drug Mart, a liquor store, restaurants,
coffee shops, and other businesses to service the daily needs of Okotoks and
surrounding area residents. The shopping centre, developed by Anthem
Properties, will be the largest commercial centre in North Okotoks.

Home to more than 60% of Okotoks’ total population, the area north of
Sheep River currently has fewer retail and service amenities than any other
corner of town. This new shopping centre development in
the community of D’ARCY affirms the shifting residential growth and consumer
patterns in Okotoks.

“North Okotoks has experienced a surge of families moving from Calgary
to find ‘small-town charm,’ natural amenities, and larger homes for roughly $30,000-$50,000
less than what’s available in South Calgary,” says Bob Faktor, Anthem United’s Vice
President of Land Development. “It’s always our goal to develop communities
that afford residents access to the services and amenities they need close to
home – and we’re thrilled to be doing just that in Okotoks.”

The new shopping centre will also serve residents living in the neighbouring Anthem United community of Wedderburn.

Highstreet at Cornerstone coming to Northeast Calgary

Also currently under construction off Country Hills Boulevard and 60th Street in Northeast Calgaryis Anthem Properties’ new Highstreet at Cornerstone shopping centre, featuring a new Chalo! FreshCo that will open in Spring 2023. Located within Anthem United’s community of Cornerstone, the shopping centre will service the daily needs of residents and will bring a much-needed major retailer to an area undergoing rapid growth.

Since 2015,
Northeast Calgary’s population has increased by over 18.5%. Over 6,200 new homes
have been built in the area, with the majority being in the new communities of
Cornerstone, Redstone, Cityscape and Skyview Ranch. Until now, there has been
no large-scale commercial development within these same communities.

The new shopping
centre will serve the area’s 95,717 people, approximately 7.5% of Calgary’s
total population. Many of these residents will save over 10 minutes’ drive time
to get their groceries once the new store opens.

“As one of our top
selling communities in Calgary, this development will make Cornerstone an even
greater destination to live, work, and visit,” says Bob Faktor. “In addition to bringing much
needed retail options to the Northeast, we envision Highstreet at Cornerstone
as the future community hub, with strong pedestrian connectivity and several
outdoor plazas.”

Highstreet at
Cornerstone by Anthem Properties will bring a total of 141,800 square feet of
commercial and retail space to the community of Cornerstone, including Chalo! FreshCo, Shoppers Drug Mart, a
liquor store, financial services and a number of local shops and services.

About D’ARCY 

is a 280-acre community that launched in 2018 by
Anthem United and is connected to expansive green spaces, new schools, and
public spaces. The community borders the D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club and
offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. 14 show
homes showcasing 5 product types are now open. Upon completed build
out, D’ARCY will be home to over 2,100 families. Learn more
at darcyokotoks.com.

About Cornerstone

is a 1,100-acre community that launched in 2015 and managed by Anthem
United. The community includes 180+ acres of natural wetlands, 95 acres of
dedicated park space nearby future major transit plazas. Cornerstone has been a
top selling neighbourhood in Calgary for 4+ years. Its proximity to major
highways, Calgary International Airport, and major shopping and hospital
services is attracting families from all quadrants of the city and it’s quickly
growing into a multi-cultural destination for Calgarians. Learn more at

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