September 5, 2017

Anthem’s Parkside Living Up to Its Name

It’s been almost two years since Parkside by Anthem Properties first broke ground, and it’s been four months since our last construction update. The six buildings currently under construction represent the third phase of Anthem’s Waterfront/Parkside project, and are inching closer to completion.

With the buildings nearing completion, it has become abundantly clear why Anthem chose the representative ‘Parkside’ name. Five of the six Parkside buildings are situated next to green space, with four of those buildings possessing terraced balconies that overlook the recreational pathway and Calgary’s Bow River.

The buildings on the north side of the project slope down and terrace nicely into the Bow River landscape, and because of this, the six buildings totalling 50 floors, and over 300 units, aren’t that noticeable to those passing by on the pathway.

The units facing north out to the green space may benefit from expansive verdant views, but south-facing units towards the centre of the development will have comparable vistas of a sweeping floral landscape.

When walking the site, Parkside’s individual collection of buildings become more apparent. Each building footprint is autonomous and separated by wide pathways that connect the inside area of the development to the surrounding park spaces.

Punctuated by mature trees and greenery, the development has certainly lived up to its name so far. Intimate and at an appropriate scale, the massing and materiality of the buildings ensure a snug fit into a riverfront frequented and loved by Calgarians.

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Images by Kevin Cappis.